Learn The Power of Price Action To Make More Profitable Trade:

DynoTrading is the World’s leading provider of Chart Analytics geared towards savvy traders, investors, and speculators.
The team at DynoTrading has been trading financial markets for the last 18 years.
So, If you are looking forward to learn the day trading basics, day trading strategies which work even for beginners, then, you will find DynoTrading website really useful.
Here are the first 5 things that new chartists need to know:
  1. Indicators are complete works of fabrication manufactured by the broker houses
  2. These “Indicators” are designed to generate numerous BUY/SELL signals in order to generate frequent trading activity for these brokers
  3. Over 80% of new traders file bankruptcy within a few years of opening their account
  4. Price Action is the only method that can successfully reveal the true Trend that is occurring
  5. The market is not rigged. It is simply structured to favor only 1 kind of trader: The Trend Trader
The truth about successfully trading markets is that simplicity is King.
Why is it that people insist on making trading hard? Why do they load 50 different indicators onto their charts…and then try to “decode” what the indicator is saying? Yes…we know about Stochastics, and MACD, and RSI, and whatevertheheck.
Don’t people understand that all these indicators are lagging…that by loading all those lines/squiggles onto your chart you are essentially trying to trade a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs?
We have decided to focus only on Price Bars and Trendinelines…NOT indicators.
Bar Types. Have you ever wanted to know what is the Master Trend that is taking place in the market? This bar type will reveal it for you. Our DynoPriceBars offers a Trend Filtering approach that is beyond simple: there are only 2 signals…a Green bullish bar and a Red bearish bar. A Green bullish bar indicates the start of a high probability bullish trend, and to ONLY take longs. A Red reversal bar indicates the start of a high probability bearish trend, and to ONLY take shorts. Trendlines. Our proprietary DynoTrendlines use Bar Volume Analysis to capture POWERFUL turning points in the markets, along with integrated price points on where proper stops should be placed. Visit the “DynoTrendline” page on our website for a demo on the instrument of your choice, or click here for more info.
Do Something Different For A Change
Lets be honest here. You wouldn’t be searching the internet for trading tools if you were already successful. You are either new at this or you are a break even speculator..and chances are you have been relying on garbage indicators your entire career. Trading is like politics…the people in power want to keep you in the dark and keep you as ignorant as possible so they can keep all the profits for themselves. Trading markets is a cold and vicious world…its up to you to educate yourself on what is truly successful and what isn’t. You either want to do this for a living (fulltime trading pro)…or…you want do to this as a hobby. Our products are designed for individuals who are serious about extracting profits from the markets on a daily basis. We want to answer the very basic questions of yours like what is day trading, we will educate you about the day trading basics and when you master those trading strategies, you can check out our detailed resources and try our proprietary system to master the forex trading game. Our DynoTrendlines and our Dyno Price Bars work on all markets, on all timeframes. There is nothing to watch except the Price Action. PERIOD.
Learn Why Price Action Makes a Difference
We hope you’ll take advantage of our proprietary Bar Types to improve your trading. Even if you decide not to become a Customer, we’re totally fine with that…and we’re glad you took the time to visit us! However I absolutely implore you to learn on your own about Price Action trading, learn about higher highs and higher lows, learn about how to analyze when markets are in Trend mode and when they are in Chop mode…I promise you it will change the way you trade forever. Feel free to email us at: info@dynotrading.com with any questions, comments, thoughts, or even just to talk about cats.

Here are words of wisdom from the greatest speculator of all time. This quote should be on your wall for you to look at every day, and hope you will take it to heart:

Around 5% move the Market.
10% try to follow the 5%.
The rest provide liquidity.