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Day Trading Coach – Learn Day Trading with DynoBars

Most  ambitious people are constantly looking for ways to grow their money and become financially stable and finding a day trading coach is a great way to make this happen. 

Some people have found a great way to make profit with trading. Usually, those who dabble in trading only do it as a side hobby, but there are people who make it as their full-time job. You may have heard of traders making lots of money through trading and this is precisely the reason why other people are becoming more interested in finding a coach. 

Since most traders cannot allot much of their time to trade, they only take long-term positions. However, there are traders who are able to focus on their trading a couple of hours every day. 


Day trading is the activity of buying and selling assets or securities within a single day. Traders in this trading type take advantage of short-term price movements in the market which is why it is most commonly done in the forex and stock markets. The goal of day traders is to gain profit from the small price movements and hopefully add them up until the end of the day. 

It also has been controversial in the industry since most traders are doubtful that anyone can make huge profits in just a short period of time. While making profit is difficult, it is not impossible. Day trading is not for everyone, but if you feel like you can handle the pressure of it and are willing to commit most of your time, then maybe you could give it a chance.

The three elements that a day trader looks for in the market are liquidity, volatility, and volume. Liquidity describes the state of the market in which a trader can quickly enter and exit a trade at a good price. Volatility refers to the measure of how much the price of an asset has changed in a given period of time. Lastly, volume refers to the number of times an asset has been traded in a period of time. These three elements help day traders gain insight on the behavior of an asset and from there, they can enter and exit trades based on the strategy they will carry out.


To become successful in day trading, you need to be prepared. This trading style can become stressful for those who are not ready and so you need to equip yourself properly. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Learn and understand day trading. When it comes to trading, you should be knowledgeable about it. You should know the basics such as how the market works in order to understand how it behaves and how you can capitalize on it. Learning technical analysis is also a great way to be a successful day trader. This is one of the best skills you could ever have as a trader and it will definitely help in your trading journey. 
  • Have sufficient capital. If you place four or more trades in five business days, you will be considered as a “pattern day trader” and will be required to have a minimum account balance of $25,000. You should already set it aside and assess how much of it you are willing to risk. If you want to stay safe, you should only risk 1% to 2% of your account. 
  • Create a trading strategy. When you have sufficient knowledge about day trading, you can now move on with crafting your own strategy. Your strategy should be based on the technical analysis you have done. This will serve as your guide throughout your trading sessions. If your strategy does not work, you can adjust it until you make a profit. 

These are just the basics of starting to day trade. It may seem simple but actually, it is only the start of a long journey. Most beginner day traders make a big mistake of thinking they will be able to make profit immediately after learning the basics. The truth is it may take a while and a lot of practice to become successful in day trading.

It is also important to invest in improving your technical analysis skills as this will be handy when it comes to your actual trading sessions. Knowing how to read the charts or using indicators are vital to finding profitable trades. 

Discipline is another factor in improving your chances of making profit. Day trading is fast and stressful so you need to be patient and focused on sticking to your trading plan or strategy. Since you are constantly monitoring small price movements in the market, you need to be quick on making decisions.


When making a trading plan, you need a strategy or technique to be able to find the most profitable trades in the market. A strategy would help you be more mindful of how you place your trades. In day trading, these are the most commonly used strategies:

  • Scalping. Traders who use this strategy enter and exit a trade in just a matter of seconds or minutes. This is probably the most stressful strategy any day trader could do because it requires faster reflexes and decision-making. 
  • Trend following. In this strategy, traders make their trades based on the direction of the trend. If the prices are rising, a buy order should be placed and when it falls, it is time to sell. 
  • News-based trading. One factor that day traders use to make decisions is the news around an asset. They tune in to the latest news on that asset and if it is positive, they will buy. If the news on that asset has a negative impact on it, it might be time to sell. 
  • Market opening gap. The market opening is the most volatile time of the day which is the perfect time to observe how the asset behaves. It is best to wait after an hour to place trades as this is enough time to gain insights on the asset. If you see a stock moving continuously towards one direction with a strong volume behind it, it signifies that it will continue that way and you should trade appropriately with it.
  • Breakout trading. Day traders rely on the momentum to make trades. In this strategy, plotting support and resistance levels are important. Breakouts happen when the price moves past these lines with increased volume. 

All of these strategies require constant practice in order to master them. Remember that in day trading, you need to take advantage of short-term price movements quickly so that you will be able to make profitable trades. However, without discipline and focus, these strategies will not work if you let greed take over you. 

Placing necessary risk management tools such as stop-loss orders should also be included with your strategy. This will reduce any losses you might incur and at least keep your capital safe. 


When you’re looking for a daytrading coach here are 5 questions to ask potential coaches:

  1. How long have you been day trading?
  2. How much money do you currently trade on a daily basis?
  3. Can you show me your trading profit and loss?
  4. How often will we catch up and what can I expect from our coaching sessions?
  5. Do you think I have what it takes to be a day trader?

Daily Trading Coach for Beginners

Learning to day trade successfully requires a great deal of coaching and mentorship if you’re a beginner. 

You should look for a daily trading coach that can commit a lot of upfront time to helping you. 


Truthfully, making a living solely out of day trading will be a difficult process, but it is not impossible. If you have the right resources and are comfortable with the intricacies that come with day trading, then by all means, go ahead. There are people who have already made big money out of this trading style and you can be one of them. All you need is to study the basics, make a solid strategy, and keep on practicing until you find what works for you.

Commitment to learning about day trading and sticking to your strategy will spell out your success in day trading.


As mentioned earlier, technical analysis skills are a crucial part of your day trading experience. You need to have the right tools that will shed light on your search for the most profitable trades in just a short period of time. Mastering chart reading should be a priority when you opt for day trading. This will give you more information on the market and the asset that you are trading. However, you may also need additional help to refine the information and get a clearer view on it. Day traders would benefit greatly with the use of DynoBars trading software.

Many traders have been using technical indicators to help them understand the markets and assets better. You may have seen all of these indicators they put on their chart to give out buy or sell signals. This is good, but some traders complicate their chart by putting many indicators on it. This is not suitable for day trading since you need to process information fast and flooding your chart with unnecessary indicators is not recommended.
With DynoBars, reading charts has never been easier. It filters out noise and price distortions, giving you a cleaner chart that is easier to read. This custom bar type reveals the master trend which is what day traders need to interpret and take their positions accordingly.

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