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Forex trading signals is about generating a comfortable lifestyle. Its NOT about getting rich by the weekend.”

Hello folks. I’m Jeremy Cohen and I’m Chief Market Technician here at DynoTrading, as well as a fulltime trader for the last 22 years. And yes that’s me fishing with my son – I take a 2 month vacation every year! The Forex currency trading market has provided me with an amazing lifestyle to the point where I literally don’t need to work anymore. Paid off my house in sunny Florida. Four cars. And three kids college tuition. I’m not a millionaire…but I live a very comfortable 6-figure lifestyle. And that’s the point of this blog.

Unfortunately, the state of the Forex Trading Signals industry revolves around the concept of fast money – of getting rich quick. Anyone who’s ever read Confessions of a Day Trader know that people naturally gravitate to the concept of being able to work only 30 minutes a day and somehow magically earn millions of dollars in the market. In reality, Forex trading can be brutal, it can be grinding, and it can DEFINITELY be a slog.

“But folks…Forex trading does not have to be hard”

In this article I’m going to show you how our students, who are former teachers, accountants, landscapers, housewives, etc., are all able to generate a very comfortable living while working less than 6 hours a day.
Forex trading signals isn’t all about Ferrari’s, Mansions, and Rolex watches. In fact, with the DynoTrader tool set, many our of students find that earning 80K – 100K per year is very realistic.

I’m also going to show you live trading examples from some of my favorite Forex currency trading pairs and how it generates a 90% win rate.


Angry Boss

If you’re like most new / beginner traders and you’re interested in earning profits in the Market…what are the places you turn to? Where do you obtain more information? Chances are you’ve signed up for newsletters / day-trading rooms, you’ve attended slick webinars, or even worse – you’ve purchased expensive “forex day trading” courses that have gone absolutely nowhere.

How many of you have seen attempted to do something like this below:

Join a day trading room where a guy randomly calls out trade on his microphone
Slick webinar presentation where they GUARANTEE winning in the Market
Day trading courses that cost an astonishing amount of Money

Folks is any of this ringing any bells? Someone needs to grab you by the neck and say STOP!

Do you honestly think – and really think about this – that you will make any money with a 99 dollar trade room? Or with a free 2 hour webinar? Or with any crappy day trading courses?

There is only One Holy Grail in trading the market – and that is THE TREND.


Currency Trading Basics

Experienced traders have a favorite rhyme, and they say it all the time. It goes like this:

“Stick with the Trend. The Trend is your friend. Stick with the Trend until the end”

Now I know that gets a good chuckle every now and then. But folks, the reality is that trading can be that simple. The best traders on the planet are masters of simplicity. Guys who I used to trade with at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade – guys who’ve been trading for over 30 years – all of them literally had only 1 trading setup. And you want to know what that setup was?

Do you want to know how these guys are able to capture upto 300 pips, 500 pips, 1000 pips per day in the forex market?

Well the answer to that question, my dear readers, is Price Action Trading, also known as TREND TRADING.

You dont need fancy indicators. You dont need trading rooms. You dont need trading courses.

I’m going to show you a set of forex trading signals that are so simple – your 6 year old could master it.
I’m going to show you a trading system that is so powerful – it can generate upto 10 thousand PIPS per week over a wide set of currencies.

And, best of all, I’m going to show you a set of Forex trading signals that you can master in a couple hours, and deploy as soon as the next trading session.


Pivot Points

Folks, I want you to take this seriously, and I’m going to give you a chance to start right now. Trading is not a hobby. You either want to do this for a living…or you don’t.

In a live podcast that we conducted earlier today, we break down every single piece of the puzzle that is required to earn a living as a forex trader. From the best time of day to trade forex, how to select only the best currencies to trade, how to place your stop, and so on.

I want you watch our podcast below – ONLY when you are able to block off 30-45 minutes un-interrupted. Please dont watch this on the train after work or in a cab ride going home.

Seriously, go to a nice quiet room, with your computer where you can watch our Podcast, take notes, ask questions, and really understand our simple yet Powerful forex trading system.
I’m so confident that I’ll even say that I GUARANTEE you have never seen anything like it before…and I GUARANTEE it will forever change your approach to forex trading signals.

Practice and learn my POWERFUL Trading Strategy that has helped THOUSANDS of beginner traders —with one SIMPLE chart display

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