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Ninjatrader Text Alerts – Custom Ninjatrader SMS Alerts & Notifications

Everything you need to know about Ninjatrader text alerts and setting up customer SMS alerts and email notifications is right here.


Not all traders are glued to their computers every second of the day. Some might have other plans while some might have an emergency and need to get off their computers. These situations might become a problem for traders since they need to be able to monitor the market for trading opportunities. For NinjaTrader users, this would not be a problem because it has a feature that alerts traders whenever their marketing conditions are met. Users of the platform do not need to worry about missing opportunities since they can be alerted through text messages or emails.

The NinjaTrader Share Services is an intuitive alert builder which lets you define the conditions that will then be triggered once they are fulfilled. These conditions can be tailored to your trading needs and can include the following factors:

Price movement
Indicator values
Chart drawing objects
Account and position stats
Time data

When you have already identified what you need, the next step is setting up the actions for the alerts. If a certain condition is met, Share Services will automatically send a text message or email. This feature is certainly a great help for traders who are not always able to be in front of a computer.

In NinjaTrader, you can customize the sound of your alerts. With this, you can identify whether it is an alert from an indicator or a drawing object in your chart. Triggered alerts can be seen in the Alerts Log window and all information about them are displayed such as instrument type, priority, source of alert, time of alert, and user-defined message.


One of the most commonly used strategies traders use for finding profitable trades in the market is analyzing price action. Some traders believe that you do not need a lot of complicated indicators in order to find the best trade in the market. For them, you only need to look at the price and from there, you can already get a good grasp of the market movement and make conclusions.

In NinjaTrader, you can use price as a variable in your conditions for alerts. Examples of the conditions using price that you can program are:

The price falls or rises above a set inflection point The price crosses above or below a chart drawing object Fast SMA crosses over the slow SMA Alternatively, you can also use third-party price indicators and tools made by other traders which you only have to download and import on NinjaTrader. 

These indicators and tools can be easily used to set price alerts and notify you immediately when they reach your conditions or requirements. Some of the tools and indicators that you can download for NinjaTrader are:


Almost everyone already owns a phone of their own. Nowadays, we can almost do anything just by using it. Getting trading opportunity alerts can also be done through text messages anytime, anywhere.

How Do I Set Up Text / SMS Alerts On Ninjatrader?

Setting up SMS/ Text Alerts on NinjaTrader is very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

In the Control Center, click on Tools then Options. Make sure that the General tab is selected on the left side then look for the Share Services field and click it. In the upper left section of the popup menu, select Text message via email and click add located below. 

On the Properties section on the right, click on the Preconfigured settings drop-down menu and select your mobile carrier. This will automatically fill the SMS and MMS addresses fields below. Enter your mobile number in the Phone number field. Click OK. Keep in mind that NinjaTrader needs a valid SMS and MMS address for text alerts to work.


Before you can set up text alerts on NinjaTrader, you need to configure an email alert first. Your email address will be the one to relay your alert as a text message.

How Do I Set Up Email Alerts On Ninjatrader?

To set up an email alert share service on NinjaTrader, you just need to do the following steps:

In the Control Center, click on Tools then click Options. With the General tab selected, click on Shared Services in the right section. A Shared Services menu will pop up then select Email in the upper left section and click add. In the Properties section on the right side, click on the Preconfigured settings drop-down menu and select your email provider. 

Enter your email address. In the From name field, you can put anything that you like. In this case, however, you might want to put “NinjaTrader” as this would make it easier to know who the sender is. In the User name field, you have to put the username from your email. This refers to the first part of your email address. Enter your email password. 

To determine whether this works, click on the Send email test and enter your email address. A dialog box will appear indicating that an email was sent. NinjaTrader needs a valid SMTP email server to send outbound emails. This includes AOL, Comcast, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, and Yahoo.


Currently, there is no mobile app for NinjaTrader. However, there are other ways to manage your trading account is to connect a third-party brokerage account to the NinjaTrader desktop platform. Another way is to download the Remote Chrome Desktop application for Android or iOS. With this application, you can have the same setup in your mobile phone just like in your computer except it would not have push notifications. A solution for this problem is to opt for email or SMS alerts to notify you of your desired market conditions.

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