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***NOTE:  This page contains product information on NinjaTrader 8.  If you have NOT received your invitation then DO NOT proceed


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Many of you have a misunderstanding on the terms of use for NT7 vs NT8 so hopefully this note will clear it up.

My stuff for NT8 was offered to all existing customers out of professional courtesy.


Respectfully speaking, I am under no obligation whatsoever to send you NT8, NT9, NT10 or however many versions they continue to pump out.

You paid for NinjaTrader 7 and thats exactly what you got. I sent you NT8 purely out of professional courtesy.


The NT8 version is a complete re-write of the source code and a completely different build. It represents a much more sophisticated charting capabilities and contains many advanced features that NT7 does not.

Obviously because of that, on my side as a Vendor, there are substantial maintenance costs that are incurred to license and maintain the NT8 version on annual basis.

To summarize…the software for NT8 will be billed to you on annual basis because I am not going to be eating this annual cost on your behalf.

Could I have done a better job explaining this? Yea. Of course I could have.

However the NT8 version was sent to you on Dec 27. I was on vacation and busy doing other things. And even while I was on vacation I was still trying to set you guys up with the NT8 version so that you could be up and running before the New Year started.

So in fact I went out of my way to deliver it to all customers.

Anyway there is nothing for you do right at this moment as I have already eaten the cost on behalf of all customers for the first year on your NT8.

Regarding the premium software Year 2 and on for NT8, I’m going to offer everyone a 30% discount on your renewal and I’m going to hold that offer through the signup date that is on file from your original purchase.

It will be up to you to contact me, and if you miss the cutoff date, you will not qualify for the discount. I won’t be making any exceptions.

Final Comments and NT8 suspension.

If you dont think that a lousy 100 bucks Per Month is worth it to have the BEST CHARTING SOFTWARE ON THE PLANET that is extremely accurate and can be programmed to run 24/7 automated trading strategies…then here is what I want you to do:


Return my License Keys for NinjaTrader 8 immediately so that I can disconnect you from the software


Go back to NinjaTrader 7. You will still have exactly what you paid for per the terms of your original signup.

Any questions call or text or email