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Dynotrade: Frequently Asked Questions

Our products REMOVE price distortions and market “noise”, and display a simple, organized set of organized Price Action Bars. This results in a system that displays the potential start of a MASSIVE TREND.
All of our products are designed to give professional traders a serious advantage in the market.

We firmly believe that the ONLY way to make Money consistently as a trader, is to jump on the prevailing Trend of the day…and let the Trend do the heavy lifting.

Too many in-experienced traders come into the market and fuss around with indicators and nonsense strategies and try to call bottoms and try to short tops.

We have solved this problem by DISPLAYING A SIMPLE GREEN/RED COLOR BAND.

Our customers have reported IMPRESSIVE signals on our Dyno Charts…vs any other type of chart.  Our system uses REAL price action charts.

As long as you are using a supported platform, you can deploy the software with one click of the mouse button.

Works on all Markets. Forex, Futures, Stocks, Bitcoin.

Day trading is highly speculative in nature. The successful traders that have been doing this for 20 years take only the best trading setups to capture HUGE gains…while absorbing small losses.

How do they accomplish this? By only trading with the Trend.

We absolutely do not offer any guarantee. All we can say is that is that our software will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your chart display by revealing the MASTER trend.

When we launched the DynoBars back in 2013, we did indeed offer a free trial.

Unfortunately, many users attempted to abuse the free trial by requesting it through multiple email addresses and IP addresses.

So in order for us to focus ONLY on people that are serious about trading, we offer now offer a consultation for a very reasonable fee.

You can click here to get more details about the consultation.

Yes. All purchases come with Customer Support as well as 2 free training sessions.

Our software prices are listed on the products page, which you can click here to get more details.